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Does My Insurance Cover This Fallen Tree?

(from the Six Diamonds Newsletter, June 21, 2016)


That is one of the most common questions that Six Diamonds receives when we give our free, no obligation estimates.


We spoke to our insurance agent, Gary McCarthy of GRBM Insurance, for advice regarding what our customers may expect if a tree falls on their property.


It’s important to note that Gary’s answers are contingent on each persons’ policy. He is speaking for the majority of insurance policies but some could exclude coverage. To avoid surprises, it’s important to understand your policy. The best way to do that is to contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage.


SD: If a tree in my yard falls on my house, car or property am I covered for damage and removal?

GM: Yes, you are typically covered for any trees that fall and cause damage to your property.


SD: If a neighbor’s tree falls on my home, car, or property who pays?

GM: Your neighbor’s insurance should pay for all damage and cleanup. It is also an option to have your insurance pay; your insurance company would then seek repayment from the neighbor’s insurance.


SD: If a tree falls on my property but there is no damage, except maybe to the lawn, is the removal covered by a standard homeowners’ policy?

GM: No, there would be no coverage. Lawn is not covered property on a standard homeowners policy.


SD: If a tree falls and damages my home creating water damage, does insurance cover the water damage/flooding also?

GM: Yes, your insurance would cover the home repairs, including water damage as well as the tree removal.


SD: If someone “anticipates” that their heavily-wooded property will eventually have trees that fall (some potentially damaging) is there a type of extra coverage that one can purchase that would cover it all: cutting down of dead trees before they fall, removal, and repair (if needed)?

GM: Unfortunately, there is no such policy. From an insurance view point that would be considered property maintenance.


Thank you to Gary McCarthy of GRBM Insurance for sharing your insights with us. Six Diamonds is proud to be insured through GRBM Insurance. They can be reached at (845) 878-9293.