Pick-Up and Delivery Available

Seasoned Full Cord: $225

Seasoned (Half) Face Cord: $150

3 Full Cords or more (Seasoned): $200 per Cord

1/2 Seasoned, Full Cord: $175

Fresh Wood 16-18″ logs: $350 truck load (6 Full Cords)


  • Firewood is Seasoned hardwood.
  • Full and (half) Face cords available.
  • Discount offered when you order more than 3 Full Cords.
  • FREE delivery within a 5 mile radius of Six Diamonds’ Patterson, NY headquarters.
  • For delivery to locations further than 5 miles from our Patterson, NY headquarters, a service charge will be applied (minimum $25.00).
  • Pick-up at our Brewster location  (*must have a truck or trailer) Click here for Directions
  • Also available is 1/2 seasoned or fresh wood logs.


* We regret that we cannot provide Stacking at this time.

** Prices subject to change without notice.


Not Sure How Much Firewood You Need?


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The two most common ways to measure firewood is by the Full Cord or Face Cord:

A full cord of firewood is an amount of wood that fills a space equal to eight feet long by four feet high by four feet deep or 8x4x4.


A face cord of firewood is equal to a single stack of firewood that measures four feet high by 8 feet long by however deep the depth of the firewood is. Log length in a face cord of firewood varies and there isn’t a standard length. At Six Diamonds our face cord is 4x4x4.

Inventory won’t last long so Contact Us  for pricing and details today!

Trivia: What is a Cord?

The name cord probably comes from the use of a cord or string to measure it. The cord is a unit of measure of dry volume used to measure firewood and pulpwood in the United States and Canada. When “racked and well stowed” (arranged so pieces are aligned, parallel, touching and compact), occupies a volume of 128 cubic feet (3.62 m3). This corresponds to a well-stacked woodpile 4 feet high, 8 feet  long, and 4 feet deep; or any other arrangement of linear measurements that yields the same volume.

(Trivia information from Wikipedia)