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We provide a wide variety of Tree Services including:


TREE REMOVAL: Six Diamonds’ highly-skilled Tree Services Team will determine and recommend the most appropriate and safest way to remove your trees, whether it requires our professional tree climbers or the bucket truck. Our goal is to safely and efficiently remove trees with minimum impact on the work area to keep your property beautiful.


BRANCH REMOVAL: There are many reasons for branch removal, the first being safety. Branches that are dead, diseased, leaning, or crossing and rubbing against another branch could be a potential falling danger. Or, you may simply want to raise or open the tree canopy.


TREE PRUNING & TRIMMING WOODED PLANTS: Pruning trees, shrubs, and hedges is recommended to remove dead or diseased branches to avoid spreading. Pruning can include branches, twigs, buds, and roots. It can help to thin out overgrowth which allows for air to flow and avoid fungus or other potential plant health issues. Trimming is done to give shape to shrubs and hedges.


WOOD CLEARING / BRUSH CLEARING / LAND CLEARING: Are you looking to clean up an overgrown property? Perhaps you would like to expand your yard. Six Diamonds will cut down and remove the wood, brush, and surface roots.


WOOD CHIPPING: Done on-site. Six Diamonds safely removes and disposes.


EMERGENCY TREE SERVICE: Fallen tree or broken branch? Call our 24-hour emergency line.


Keep Safe. Protect Your Investment. Enjoy your beautiful property.

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